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Blogs from February, 2022

Woman talking to doctor in office

If you’re in a car crash, you should see a doctor. Not only that, you should keep going to the doctor until they give you a clean bill of health. Many people don’t realize it, but waiting to seek treatment or missing your follow-up appointments could make it much harder to move forward after a serious injury. Here’s why.

Immediate Treatment

The sooner you seek treatment, the better. There are two reasons for this: First, car crashes often cause “invisible” internal injuries, which may not be obvious until a few days after the crash, often because the stress and adrenaline from the accident numb you to the pain. A doctor can examine you for early indicators and potentially treat internal injuries before they worsen and become life-threatening.

Second, going to the doctor immediately after the crash protects you from the insurance companies. If you wait more than a few days, they may doubt the severity of your injuries, asking why you didn’t seek treatment sooner. This applies even if you had internal injuries that didn’t present symptoms until days later.

Going to the doctor immediately after the crash also directly links your injuries to the accident. It creates a clear timeline from the police report to your urgent care visit. If you don’t seek treatment until days later, the insurance company may even argue that your injuries are unrelated to the crash.

Long-Term Care

Follow-up appointments are just as important as the initial appointment. If you skip appointments or frequently reschedule them, the insurance company will likely make a lower settlement offer, suggesting that your injuries aren’t as severe as they initially seemed.

Remember that compensation for your crash is calculated based on current and future medical bills. If you’re rescheduling or skipping follow-up appointments because of the cost, you should raise these concerns to your attorney so you can establish a plan for getting the care you need and the compensation you’re entitled to.

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