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Blogs from December, 2021

Car dashcam

Technology is everywhere these days and it only makes sense to use that to our advantage whenever possible. One of the most cost-effective ways to do that is by investing in a dashcam for your car. But what are the benefits of a dashcam? Allow us to explain.

What is a Dashcam?

A dashcam is a small camera that attaches to your windshield or dashboard. It records everything that happens while you’re driving. If they’re GPS enabled, they can also show exactly where you are and the speed you’re traveling. Dashcams are very affordable, with many retailing for less than $40.

But that still leaves the question: What are the benefits of having a dashcam?

Recording Crashes

One of the most frustrating parts about dealing with a car crash is the arguing. You say you weren’t at fault and the other driver does the same. That leaves attorneys and insurance adjusters to look at the physical evidence and assign fault based on damages and witness testimony alone.

This can be devastating, especially in states with either comparative or pure contributory negligence laws where taking on even a small amount of fault makes it harder to earn a fair recovery.

A dashcam takes the guesswork out of the crash. It demonstrates the exact circumstances and the moment of impact. Dashcam footage can eliminate doubt and arguments that might shift your assigned fault and result in a smaller settlement.

Showing Your Side

A dashcam can also save you from traffic tickets. If a police officer says you ran a red light, your dashcam will show whether that’s actually true. Likewise, you can fight speeding tickets because your dashcam will tell you exactly how fast you were traveling.

With this simple tool, you have better standing to protect yourself from both law enforcement and negligent drivers. And at less than $50, if this device saves you from one ticket or proves the circumstances of one crash, it will pay for itself.

If you were hit and hurt in a car crash, we’re here to help. To schedule a free case consultation with an experienced car accident lawyer from Payne Law Firm, please don’t hesitate to call (713) 999-4801 or send us an email.