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Blogs from August, 2021

Police officer standing in front of cars

It’s always a good idea to call the police after a car crash. An officer on the scene can help manage traffic and help drivers get to safety, but they’ll also write a traffic report. This report is a publicly available document and one of the most important things to have after a car crash. Here are 3 reasons why.

Where and When

When you’re in a crash, especially one with a hit-and-run driver, the insurance company may question whether the circumstances of the crash are as you say. A police report can demonstrate where and when the crash happened, and will often include a brief description of visible damages and injuries. These facts, combined with a timely medical report demonstrate that a crash occurred and that you experienced injuries as a direct result.

Verifying Information

When you’re in a car crash, you need to be certain that the other driver’s information is truthful and that you’ve recorded it accurately. A police report will record and verify the other driver’s information and put it into the public record, helping your attorney to contact the other driver and the insurance company as needed.

Witness Statements

If bystanders witnessed your crash, it may be wise to ask them to stay at the scene until police arrive. The responding officer may include the witness’ statements in their report. This is important because a neutral witness who views the crash may have valuable testimony that can help determine who was at fault. Additionally, the statement will likely include the witness’ contact information, so your attorney can contact them if their testimony is needed for your case.

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